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Guests of Honor


Priscilla Spencer


Born and raised in Dallas, Priscilla Spencer is a recent graduate of Penn’s Digital Media Design program, which blends Computer Science, Fine Arts, and Communications. She now lives in New York City and does 3D modeling and character design for Launch, an animation firm specializing in pre-visualization for TV commercials. You have probably seen her work as you fast-forwarded through ads on your TiVo.

Over in fandom-land, she serves as a thematic consultant on the Dabel Brothers’ graphic novel adaptations of Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files and Roger Zelazny’s Nine Princes in Amber. For, she acts as a forum moderator, news wrangler, and podcast co-host. She also enjoys costuming, spontaneously bursting into song, and dabbling amateurishly in short fiction.

Dan Robb @ September 8, 2008