A science fiction and fantasy event

ConDFW 2008

December 2nd, 2007 at 10:22 pm

Kevin Hopkins

Kevin was born on the year of 1957 in south central Oklahoma in quite close proximity to the geographical center of nowhere.  Shortly there after he grabbed a number two pencil and a Big Chief writing tablet and started reproducing the local wildlife.  That project continues to this day though the technique and tools have changed greatly.  Along the way Kevin earned a degree in Fine Arts with postgraduate additions and has studied under several internationally acclaimed artists.  Though his own studies are never completed he is an Oklahoma accredited art teacher and has taught high school art and vocational painting classes.  He also teaches private classes in painting, drawing, and Photoshop.  During the early eighties Kevin was a medalic art designer with Award Design Medals, Noble, OK.  While there he designed over 1,000 product lines of fashion art and a piece that headed into space on the ill-fated ‘Challenger’ space shuttle expedition.  Later Kevin became associated with Realm Press, a comics publisher in Michigan and worked there as artist and art director for their ‘Battle Star Galactica’ and ‘The Drakkon Wars’ licensed series.  In ’90 Kevin was a quarterly winner in the L.Ron Hubbard Illustrators of the Future Contest and attended the Los Vegas awards presentations.  ‘My Star Press’ owned by ‘Star Trek’ writer and ‘Communicator’ fanzine editor Larry Nemecek, has commissioned Kevin to produce several Trek related art pieces over the years for their many publications.  In the late ‘90’s Kevin relocated to the heart of Hollywood and began work on a pre-syndication comic strip and discovered the emerging field of digital imaging.  While there he was a guest of several local conventions including LosCon, and the San Diego Comics Con.  After two more years of drawing comics Kevin was picked up by Warner Brothers Studios and was involved with some aspect of almost every motion picture produced by them between 2001 and 2006, including ‘The Matrix,’ Looney Toons, Back in Action,’ Last Samurai,’ The first four Harry Potter films, and ‘Batman Begins.’  Over this period Kevin has produced several magazine and paperback book covers and taken awards at convention art shows to numerous to mention.  For spare time hobbies he enjoys writing, sculpting, and being a fossil enthusiast.

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