Dusty Rainbolt

Dusty Rainbolt swears she was raised by aliens after being abandoned on Earth by grays who objected to the TransGalactic School System.

She's the author of 11 books including the paranormal mystery, Death Under the Crescent Moon, All the Marbles and as well the outrageous fantasy series, The Four Redheads of the Apocalypse. She is the editor of the anthology, The Mystical Cat, which includes her short fiction, 'A Spoiled Rotten Cat Lives Here.'
The new Redheads novel, The Wrath of Satan and her upcoming feline behavior book, Cat Scene Investigator: Unraveling the Mystery behind Your Cat's Litter Box Problem, will be out in 2016.

She's worked as a professional free-lance journalist since the late 1980s, and began specializing in pet journalism in 1995. Like to shop online? Dusty's the editor-in-chief of, a free shop-to-donate website that benefits animal charities.