Blaise Ramsay

Blaise Ramsay is the founder and owner of FyreSyde Publishing, a company dedicated to putting readers and authors first. Her journey in writing began when she turned fifteen but had to be put down for the pursuit of a collegiate degree in Historical Studies. After earning her BA in History from UT Dallas, Blaise spent the greater part of her life trying to find a career in conceptual art and character design. Her skills soon paid off and she found herself working in the indie gaming industry. Soon however, she noticed creating characters for video games no longer held the draw it once had. One night, during a random Word encounter, Blaise drafted and published her first short story. Titled The Good Luck Cat, it soon earned Blaise a front page feature. This small victory caused Blaise to shift her attention to the world of literature and writing. She wrote multiple short stories which led her to participate in NaNoWriMo. The paranormal romance, Blessing of Luna, the first in the Wolfgods series, was born. This one title gave birth the publishing company, FyreSyde Publishing. The next in the series, Bane of Tenebris is due to release in July of 2019.

Presently, Blaise finds joy in writing mystery, supernatural thriller, suspense, horror and noir. After participating in her second year of NaNoWriMo, her new title, Sealed Darkness, a supernatural thriller, is currently under development.

When Blaise isn’t working on personal endeavors, she is guest blogging, working for three blog tour companies and as a full time freelance ghostwriter.

You can out more about Blaise, FyreSyde and what she hopes it can do for you at