Guests of Honor: David Weber Jim Butcher

Guests of Honor


Welcome to ConDFW 8!

We’re excited to have an amazing guest lineup scheduled for 2009, including Jim Butcher and David Weber! Keep checking back for new guests and panelists!

For now, please check out the biographies for our Guests of Honor, try out the Hotel page to see the details on our fabulous new hotel, and go to the Membership page to register for ConDFW VIII!

New: pre-register using credit cards via Paypal!

Dealers, check out the Dealers’ Room page for all the information you’ll need to reserve a table. If you’re a member of a fan group who’d like a table in our brand-new Gallery space to promote your group, that information can also be found on the Dealers’ Room page.

Want to help spread the good news about ConDFW VIII? Here’s our current flier for you! 2009 Full Page Flier

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