• Awesome con, and server switch!

    Awesome con, and server switch!

    The con went off wonderfully, thanks to all our great guests and attendees! Thank you all for coming and contributing to ConDFW: we couldn’t have made it for ten years without you! We’ve got plans in the works for next year’s con, which will start...

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  • Art Show Bidding!

    Art Show Bidding!

    Remember to go into the art show and bid! There’s a lot of awesome art in there going for a SONG!* * Not literally. The art show staff would appreciate it if you didn’t serenade them until after the art show closes for the evening....

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  • Paul Black Signing Rescheduled

    Paul Black Signing Rescheduled

    The Paul Black signing originally scheduled today has been rescheduled for 5 PM Saturday, because, sad to say, he cannot actually occupy two different rooms at the same time, despite the way we’d originally scheduled him. :) Share

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  • Benefit Auction Open for Viewing

    Benefit Auction Open for Viewing

    The ConDFW Benefit Auction room is now open for you go look at the stuff! No buying or bidding today, but you can make your plans. Bidding opens tomorrow, as do direct sales. The auction is in the Winston Room, on the 2nd floor next...

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  • 10% Off in the Cafe!

    10% Off in the Cafe!

    The hotel is giving ConDFW attendees 10% off in the cafe this year–no coupons needed; just walk in and order! Share

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  • Celestial Starburst Rules and Sign up!

    Celestial Starburst Rules and Sign up!

    Celestial Starburst rules and sign up forms have been posted to the programming page! Share

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  • Walk-in Space in Art Show

    Walk-in Space in Art Show

    Hey guys! Art Show has some Walk-in Space still! It will be available at 9am Friday! Panels only, no Tables. First Come, First Serve. Your Loving Art Goddess, ~SandyK Share

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  • Book Swap Charities Picked!

    Book Swap Charities Picked!

    This year’s Book Swap will benefit DonorsChoose and Half Price Books: Half Pint Library. Bring your books to trade especially those children’s books. Head over to the Book Swap page for more information. Share

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  • Benefit Auction to Support ConDFW!

    Benefit Auction to Support ConDFW!

    This year, ConDFW has been presented with a unique opportunity. As many of you may recall, 2010 brought us an unprecedented 12' of snow over the weekend of the Convention. The result was a very, very low turnout for us in memberships and sales. That...

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  • Reading and signing schedule posted

    Reading and signing schedule posted

    What the subject line says! Head over to the Programming page to find out when your favorite guests are reading from their works and signing autographs! Share

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  • Programming Posted for ConDFW X!

    Programming Posted for ConDFW X!

    The wait is over! We’ve posted our panels on the ConDFW Programming page. Check it out and we’ll see everyone next weekend! Share

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  • Con hours posted!

    Con hours posted!

    We’ve just posted the hours for Friday-Sunday on the website. Find them under “Convention Hours” in the menu on the side, or just by clicking here. Programming grids will be up shortly, as soon as I receive the final versions. Share

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  • Pre-registration now closed

    Pre-registration now closed

    Pre-registration for the convention is now closed. Memberships can be purchased at the door – 3-day memberships will be $35 adult/$15 child and one-day memberships will be $20 adult/$10 child. We’re all looking forward to seeing you there! Share

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  • O.M. Grey

    O.M. Grey

    Amazon Gothic Romance bestselling author O. M. Grey currently lives in Austin with her husband. She holds both a BA and MA in British Literature. As an amateur Anglophile, her dreams of the dark streets of London have finally found their home on the pages...

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  • Candace Havens

    Candace Havens

    Bestselling author Candace Havens has written six novels for Berkley including, “Charmed & Dangerous,” “Charmed & Ready,” “Charmed & Deadly,” “Like A Charm,” “The Demon King and I” and “Dragons Prefer Blondes.” Her new venture is writing for the Blaze line of Harlequin. Those books...

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  • Stina Leicht

    Stina Leicht

    Stina Leicht was born in St. Louis, Missouri. She attended Catholic school, climbed trees, fought pirates and rescued her sister's dolls from terrible fates. Currently, she lives in central Texas with her husband, their shared library, and too many music cds. She's totally famous for...

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  • Frank Summers

    Frank Summers

    Frank Summers writes speculative fiction that ranges from dark fantasy and horror to science fiction and urban fantasy. His stories can be found in anthologies from Yard Dog and Pill Hill presses. In addition, his fiction has appeared in an eBook anthology from Ink Oink...

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  • Tracy Morris

    Tracy Morris

    Tracy is an author and freelance writer working in the Fort Smith area. Her recent work includes three stories co-written with Brad Sinor in the Grantville Gazettes. The most recent of which is entitled “Portrait of Bees in Spring.” Her short story “The Queen of...

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  • Karen Bogen

    Karen Bogen


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  • Julie Barrett

    Julie Barrett

    Julie Barrett is a writer, photographer, and slave to cats. She's done time in radio, written columns for newspapers and online services, and written more ad copy than you can shake a gray flannel hat at. Her latest publication was the short story 'Invasion' in...

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