Brad W. Foster

Brad W. Foster is an illustrator, cartoonist, writer, publisher, and whatever other labels he can use to get him through the door! He’s won the Fan Artist Hugo a few times, picked up a Chesley award, and turned a bit of self-publishing started thirty years ago into the Jabberwocky Graphix publishing empire. His strange drawings and cartoons have appeared in over two thousand publications, half of those science fiction fanzines, where he draws just for the fun of it.

On a more professional level Foster has worked as an illustrator for various genre magazines and publishers, the better known among those being AMAZING STORIES and DRAGON. In comics he had his own series some years back, THE MECHTHINGS, and he even got to play with the big boys of comics for a few years as the official Big Background Artist of Image Comic’s SHADOWHAWK.

Known throughout the world (though most of the world doesn’t know it yet) for his intricate pen and ink work, it is possible you’ve seen more of his work in titles as varied as CAT FANCY, CAVALIER, or HIGHLIGHTS FOR CHILDREN. Most recently he has discovered color, and has completed covers for publishers Yard Dog Press, Zumaya, and Dark Star, plus still doing those old-fashioned black and white illustrations for magazines such as SPACE & TIME and TALEBONES.

His website can be found at