Benefit Auction

This year, ConDFW has been presented with a unique opportunity. As many of you may recall, 2010 brought us an unprecedented 12” of snow over the weekend of the Convention. The result was a very, very low turnout for us in memberships and sales. That ain’t good, no matter how many snow angels you make.

We need your help!

Everything in this room has been donated to ConDFW, mostly by the Estate of Mr. Steven Chalstrom. An avid collector, Mr. Chalstrom passed away in October of 2008 and bequeathed all these amazing items to his nephew, Scott Spengler. The collection shows Mr. Chalstrom’s love of movies, of Star Trek, and of all things Sci-Fi. He passed his love of the genre on to his nephew, who feels that it’s the ‘right thing to do’ to pass this collection on to others and share Uncle Steve’s Treasures.

Especially if it can help ConDFW! We plan on using the proceeds to get our legal status and business-end shored up: register an official Trademark, purchase up all our domain names, pay any government fees and such to maintain our non-profit status, and get a better credit card processing system in place for both online and on-site registration.

And if there’s any money left at the end of all that, maybe bring in somebody REALLY keen for 2012!

So again: THANKS for your support.

To participate, either buy up something off one of the ‘Fixed Price’ tables, or get a bidder number. Further info on the Silent Bidding Process will be available in the Benefit Auction Room, 2nd Floor of the convention hotel.

Here are a few examples of the items that will be available for purchase and bidding:

  • Star Trek: ‘City on the Edge of Forever’, Kirk & Spock 9″ collector dolls (in boxes) and autographed novel
  • ‘Apocalypse Now’: movie poster autographed by many, original playbill and movie program
  • ’2001: A Space Odyssey’: original lobby card, movie program, rare photo print, and poster
  • WWII Set: movie posters for ‘Midway’ and ‘Tora! Tora! Tora!’, and 2 autographed photos of Enola Gay pilot Paul Tibbets
  • ‘The Blues Brothers’: movie poster autographed by many cast members
  • Various autographed photos of various Star Trek characters
  • Over a dozen ‘Dark Knight’ movie posters
  • Various Star Trek movie posters for all movies from ‘The Motion Picture’ to the 2010 release, in five languages
  • Autographed copies of Nimoy’s ‘I am Spock’ and Shatner’s ‘Star Trek Memories’
  • Over 50 action figures, in their packaging…
  • Posters from over 80 movies…
  • Boxes of unopened collector’s card sets…

Truly: come by and see this stuff. It’s fun for the memories, at any rate!

And Thanks AGAIN for your support!!!

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