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Have that one blank space on your wall and can’t seem to find the right piece to hang there? The ConDFW Art Show is the place to find that artwork you’re missing!

(Interested Artists: be sure to read the entire rules and find the PDFs at the bottom!)


As the ConDFW Art Show is essentially “Under New Management” I wanted to go over the in’s and out’s of this show.

First, my name is Sandra Kochenower and I am your Art Director. I am available by email almost any time and encourage you to contact me if any of this information is unclear to you or if something has been overlooked.

Art Show Details


Through December 31, 2010:   $15, for one table or panel

January 1, 2010-Con:                   $20, for one table or panel

Mail-in Processing:                        $5 , No fee if accurate layout is provided, spaces are 4’x4’

Print Shop space provided for $5 with purchase of table or panel; $10 if no table or panel is purchased.

Walk-in availability is not guaranteed. Pre-register to secure a spot.

Sizes and Payment

  • All tables are 6’x18”; all panels are 4’x4’.
  • Space can be reserved with completion of the registration form (found below) and payment of the fee.
  • We accept cash, checks (Note: a $25 fee will be added for returned checks), money orders, Mastercard or Visa.  (Or send your registration fee via Paypal to condfwinfo (at) gmail (dot) com.)
  • ConDFW will subtract 10% of sales total as commission.
  • Checks to artists are generally mailed within 3 weeks of the event.

Art Show Hours (subject to change, hours will be posted at con):

Thursday:           Staff only.  If you would like to volunteer for Art Show Please contact ( request Art Show

Friday:                 Pre-registered Artist Check in and Hanging Begins @ 9:00 am* see rules
Noon, remaining open space will be made available to Walk-in Artists
Exhibit open to public   2 pm – 8 pm
*No hanging will take place during display hours

Saturday:            10 am – 6 pm, Auction begins at 8 pm

Sunday:               10 am – 4 pm, ALL art & merchandise must clear the room by 6:00 pm!!!

Con Membership Passes:

Unless you are a guest of the convention, no ConDFW Membership passes are given with art show space.  You will need to register and pay for a ConDFW Membership online or at the con.

Mail-In Artists:

  • The $5 processing fee is new this year. It is due to the large amount of Mail-in art we received that was either poorly documented, without layout diagrams or just too much art provided for the space reserved. Spaces are 4’ x 4’, plan accordingly. No fee if accurate layout is provided.
  • If more art is provided than the reserved space or layout allow, the Art Director will randomly select pieces to remove to arrange the panel in an appealing manner. There must be enough space around each piece in order to see the bid sheet and the artwork is confined to the 4’ x 4’ space, not dangling from the bottom of the panel.
  • Please include a check or money order for return shipping; overpayment will be refunded.
  • Any costs for return shipping not included by the artist will be taken from the sales balance.
  • If the cost of return shipping is in excess of the amount of sales, all artwork will be held until payment for shipping is received.
  • Specify any shipping instructions on the Space Request Form.  The US Postal Service will be used if no instructions are given.
  • Email [email protected] and let us know when to expect your artwork so we can retrieve it promptly.
  • All items MUST be shipped to arrive no later than February 13, 2011.

IMPORTANT: Failure to follow mail-in directions and  late submissions will result in your art not being hung: NO REFUNDS.

  • Please use the ConDFW shipping address found on the Space Request Form.
  • A  Mail-in Art Check List is provided in the registration packet to assist in making  sure you don’t miss anything.

Art Show and Auction Rules:

  • If Artists do not check in by 12:00pm on Friday, it will be assumed that they are not in attendance and they risk the loss of their space to a walk-in Artist. If you are going to be late in arriving to the convention, email [email protected] or make a note on your registration form on submission.
  • All art displayed must be your own original work, and must be matted and prepared for hanging, Art is hung using binder clips and hooks on peg board panels. Take this into consideration when selecting pieces for display. We are not responsible for damage due to  improper presentation and hanging by the Artist or Agent.
  • Panel locations will be determined by the Art Show staff and are available on a first come first serve basis.
  • Space placement is also FINAL. Certain requests will be accommodated as space, occupancy and time allows.
  • The room will be secured overnight for loss prevention, however ConDFW assumes no liability for any losses incurred.  Please insure your work against theft, damage, shipping issues, acts of higher power, etc.
  • Artists are responsible for all sales taxes.
  • Silent bids on pieces will begin on Friday and continue until the close of bidding on Saturday evening.  The Art Show Director will determine if three or four bids send pieces to the live auction. The art show staff may also select pieces to auction at their discretion.
  • Cancellation and Refund Policy: Art Show space is held to the exclusion of others.  Due to the difficulty in reselling space at the last minute, no refunds will be made after January 20, 2010.
  • Explicit nudity may be censored or segregated from the General Exhibit at the discretion of the Art Show Director.
  • ConDFW reserves the right to refuse the exhibition of any work for any reason.

Regarding Agents:

One of the key goals of the Artshow is to protect the interest of our valued Artists. With that in mind we request an Artist/Agent Statement to be submitted with your artwork and documentation. Please mail a copy of the statement below to the following address:

Attn: Art Director
750 South Main
Suite #150, PMB #14
Keller, TX  76248

“The individual noted below is an authorized agent of myself and/or my company ________________(artist and/or company name.) They may submit artwork on my behalf to the ConDFW Art Show 2011. Payment for any sales should be made to _________________(name) at _______________ (address.)

______________ Agent name, address and phone number

______________ Artist name, Company, Address and phone number

This statement should include an original and dated signature by the artist.


The Art Show forms can be found here in pdf format. If you have any issues with these documents, email the Art Director.

Artist Rules/ Registration/Layout * Layout Only

Control Sheet* Print Shop Control Sheet* Bid Sheet*

*fillable forms

Forms will require a current Version of Acrobat Reader, which can be found here.

If you have questions regarding any of these policies, please do not hesitate to email the Art Director directly.   Sandra(dot)kochenower(at)gmail(dot)com

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