Alain Viesca

Alain ViescaFantasy 3D artist and illustrator Alain Viesca was born on the West Coast, naked and helpless, unable to fend for himself, and eventually acquired the skills to draw and paint well enough to make it on his own. He exhibits his work throughout the year from the East to the West Coast, holding in particular interests in art, science, anything hi-tech, and of course, fantasy. He has been working professionally since 1990 and is currently running his own little studio incorporating digital matte painting, 3d modeling, and traditional art techniques into his work.

He enjoys books, a good scifi/fantasy or Chinese action flick, a well stocked pub, and truly excellent food.

An avid reader and a fair cook, Alain lives in Oklahoma City with his wife, daughter, and two large red Dobermans with a penchant for pecans and bloody meat.

Facebook: Viesca
DeviantArt: corbistiger

Photo courtesy Alain Viesca.