Anti-Harassment Policy

ConDFW is a time and place for meeting friends, attending panels, and having a good time. It is not a place for any sort of threatening or harassing behavior. We ask that all con-goers not tolerate any incidents of verbal or physical harassment. Non-acceptable behaviors include but are not limited to:

Threatening language or behavior, including stalking or creeping

Unwanted touching of any sort

Unwanted attention of a sexual nature

Language, gestures, or body language that could be interpreted as inappropriately suggestive, insulting, intimidating, demeaning, discriminatory (race, gender, or other), or just plain offensive

If you feel you or another member of ConDFW are being threatened or harassed, please do the following:

Inform the individual that their behavior is inappropriate and ask them to stop. Notice their badge name and details about their appearance and report them to ConComm or any staff member.

If the offender does not stop his/her behavior or if you do not feel comfortable talking to them about their behavior, contact a staff member and tell them about the incident. Be as specific as possible: badge name, appearance, words or actions, etc.

The Chair and staff of ConDFW will work to evaluate and address the incident as quickly as possible. Offenders will be sternly warned about their behavior. Serious and repeat offenders will have their con privileges revoked without refund. Criminal activity will be reported to the police. In Texas, any unwanted touching can be considered a criminal assault.

Quick Guide to Correct Behavior to Assure Fun for Everyone: If someone asks you to leave them alone or tells you “no,” or “stop,” or 'go away' immediately cease pestering them, stop what you were doing, and walk away and do not approach them again. If you persist in the behaviors that caused these commands, you are harassing or threatening another person whether you think so or not. It is the perception of harassment or intimidation that is important, not your intent. Trying to pass off inappropriate behavior as a joke will not fly at this convention. Play nice or go home.