First of all, our #1 Frequently Asked Question is:

Q: I have stuff to send you guys for the freebie tables/membership packets — what do I do?

A: Great! We will gladly place items you send to THIS address in one of those two places, at your request. Please remember when sending things to keep it open to all audiences — we do have a few kids here. Also, we will not put out anything that promotes any illegal activity. For quantity considerations in membership packets, please send a minimum of 300 items.

While our attendance is usually somewhere between 300 and 400 folks, please send only ONE box/package of free stuff, weighing less than 20 pounds. Our director likes to work out, but prefers to do it at the gym! Thanks!

Please make sure your items arrive no later than 7 days before the start of the convention. Also, if there are extra items left over at the end of the convention, we are unable to send them back. You’re welcome to pick them up at the end of the convention or ask someone you know who’s attending to pick them up for you, but we do not have the staff to collect/sort leftovers and send them back to you.

And now that you’ve read that one, on to the rest of the FAQ!

ConDFW is:

Q: What is ConDFW?

A: ConDFW is a literary science fiction and fantasy convention featuring writing/publishing based programming, science programming, an excellent collection of guests, a charity book swap and auction, and a slew of non-traditional activities such as the Sci-Fi Spelling Bee, Celebrity Artemis, and a Poetry Slam.

Q: How long have you been around?

A: The first ConDFW was held in 2002 with John Steakley as our guest of honor, on an incredibly slim budget. We have tried to keep the prices at ConDFW low for our members while still bringing you a unique set of guests, entertainers, and activities.

Q: Ooo! I have a guest suggestion!

A: Suggestions are always welcome'please try to keep guest recommendations to the Continental US…and to the living. We'd all love to hear Douglas Adams, Arthur C. Clarke, or Isaac Asimov, but we're not much into s ances. Also, to keep our/your costs down, we avoid bringing over folks from across the pond or outside the states.

Q: What if I gave you lots of money to sponsor bringing over someone?

A: We'd love to discuss that with you! Sponsorships are available and would include a variety of perks. Please drop us an email by visiting the Contact Us page to discuss the possibilities.

Q: Do you have an anti-harassment policy?

A: Yes, we do!

Q: Will there be an art show?

A: After several years of running a money-losing art show which required roughly half of our volunteer staff to manage, we have decided to say goodbye to our art show. We will be displaying work from our Artist Guest of Honor in a prominent place in our Dealers’ Room.

Q: Dealers’ Room? Fan Tables?

A: Dealers’ Room? Yes! If you’re interested in selling merchandise at a table in the dealers’ room, you can find Dealers’ Room info HERE. Fan Tables? Probably not this year. Our current hotel is a great space that allows us to do many things, but for now, we are keeping things simple as we determine the best use of the space.

Q: Why should I stay at the con hotel?

A: The answer is: room nights = lower costs for us, and thus for you. Also, it's safer and more convenient, and gives you more party time and less commute time. Details HERE.

Q: Are you the same group that does FenCon?

A: No. We love those folks, but the Dallas Future Society is a whole different group. A bunch of us attend their convention and a bunch of them attend ours, and a few staff members and swaps of equipment and such do exist, but there's no official connection beyond the fact that we're all fans in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. And we like each other.

Q: Are you the same group that does DragonCon? Or Sci-Fi Expo? Or AnimeFest? Or A-Kon?

A: Not entirely… ConDFW is volunteer-run. We all have real professions, interests, families, children, keys, pets, and a thousand distractions including attending and volunteering for other organizations — both convention related and not. Some of us do hold various positions with other conventions, host room parties there, sit at info tables, and work very hard for them just like we do for ConDFW. But there is no official partnership or other crossover involved.

Q: Will you throw a room party at (name of convention)?

A: We very well may! Often, we run some sort of special at these parties (not to mention always having the good beer) and you'll want to come by and get your membership then if you can!

Q: Can my group throw a room party at ConDFW?

A: Yes. Unless otherwise requested, all of the hotel space in the ConDFW room block is considered “active” space. One floor of the hotel will be reserved as a “quiet” floor. If your group wants to hold a room party, just reserve a room in our block. Note: If you want to reserve a suite, you will need to do so early. There are only a few in this entire hotel. Please call the hotel directly to book these rooms (but don’t forget to tell them you are with ConDFW!)

Q: What if I buy a membership but can't make it?

A: If you notify us through the Contact Us page at least two weeks before the convention, then we will transfer your membership to the following year. If you don't notify us and you don't show up, then we're sorry but there are no refunds or rollovers. Your membership payment is considered a lovely donation to our cause, and we thank you! (You may even be able to deduct it from your taxes!)

Q: What is your privacy policy? Will you send ads to your guests for me?

A: We will NEVER sell, give away, or otherwise let any of your information out of our hands. To stop receiving e-mail from ConDFW, please contact us and we will remove your name and e-mail address from our mailing list. We will NOT mail out ads.

However… if you have an ad that you’d like our members to see, you can purchase space in our Program Book. This is a great way to reach the entire audience.

Q: What is your weapons policy?

A: All weapons must be non-working and peace bonded. No functioning projectile weapons ' including water pistols, silly-string guns, ping-pong pistols, and the like. Bladed weapons must be cased or sheathed at all times. No clowning around or showing off in the common areas. Any weapon used in an offensive or threatening manner will be confiscated and the offender dealt with in an appropriate manner, which may involve actions up to and including calling law enforcement.

You may pose with your weapon for photo opportunities, but please be sensible and step out of the way of other con-goers.

Convention staff, hotel security, and local law enforcement officials will treat anything that looks like a real gun as a real gun. We expect you to use good judgment. We reserve the right to modify this policy at any time.

Q: Why haven't you answered my question?

A: Mainly because you haven't asked yet. If we get a repeated question, we will try to add it to this page. Email any inquiries or suggestions to us through the Contact Us page.



If you’ve read this far… we’ll see you at the convention!